Atfal Tarbiyyat Camp – Baitul Amn, Hayes

On 4th June 2022, Atfal Tarbiyat Camp was held from 10am to 2pm at Baitul Amn Mosque, Hayes which was attended by atfal from Hayes East, Hayes West, and Slough. 

After completing the Covid-19 protocols and registration, the first activity focused on the God Summit, where respected Murabbi Mansur Ahmed Sahib discussed what happened in the God Summit that took place a couple of weeks ago and showed some clips from it to the atfal. After the first session, the atfal had a small break for some snacks and drinks, followed by a short team talim quiz. After that, atfal had their sports session, where they played table tennis, air hockey and football outside. For table tennis a tournament was held where the winner was Misbah Sb. After the sports session concluded there was lunch for the atfal; pizza, nuggets, and fries, which was followed by congregational Zohr Namaz. All the atfal were given ice cream towards the end. 

Jazakallah wa ahsanal Jaza to Sumeet Tahir Sb (Nazim Atfal Hayes East) along with assistance from Inzamam Baig Sb (Nazim Atfal Hayes West) for managing the event. May Allah bless them for their contributions and sacrifice.