Aitmaad is a central administrative department which operates under the National Motamid (General Secretary for Majlis Khuddam-Ul-Ahmadiyya). The Aitmaad department assists the National Motamid with his responsibilities.

The department manages all correspondence of the Majlis, under the instruction of Sadr Majlis. Another essential responsibility of the Aitmaad department is to manage the internal reporting system of the Majlis, this includes obtaining data from all branches of the Majlis (National, Regional and Local). This data is then collated and compiled in a report which is presented to Huzoor-e-Aqdas. The department is further responsible for arranging and delivering National Amila meetings which are held regularly throughout the Khuddam year.

The Aitmaad department also have a number of departmental events. An annual Office Bearers Forum is organised by the department where Office Bearers, from National, Regional and Local platforms, are in attendance. A number of workshops and talks are arranged with the aim to train and develop the Office Bearers within the Majlis. The Aitmaad department also has a fundamental role in organising and delivering the annual Majls-e-Shura.

MKA Liverpool South holds General Meeting

Assalamoalikum,   Alhamdullilah MKA Liverpool South organised monthly general meeting on the topic of “Blessings of Khilafat”. The program started with the recitation & translation of the Holy Quran followed…

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MKA UK holds Majlis-e-Shura 2017

By the Grace of Allah Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK held it’s 29th Majlis-e-Shura in Baitul Futuh Mosque on Sunday 15th October 2017 which was attended by over 350 Khuddam from…

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Regional Ijtema 2017

By the grace of Allah, Masroor Region held its annual regional Ijtema on Sunday 2nd April at the Raynes Park High School. The day started with registration and breakfast. The opening…

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