MKA Southall Ramadan Dars Ul Quran

By the grace of Allah, over the course of March during Ramadan, Southall have hosted Dars Ul Quran sessions every weekend. Guest speakers included Amir Sb UK, Imaam Rashid Sb and other respected Jamaat personnel. Each individual bought a unique way of telling a story of the importance of Ramadan, and how we should spend this month, either by simply explaining the premise of the month, explaining how we can engage in meaningful prayer, explaining the different ashras or phases of Ramadan and many other more lessons. The time of Iftar has been noted to be that of a time of acceptance of prayers; engaging in the mosque to share how we can cultivate ourselves spirtiually and carry forward this cultivation not just in this blessed month but for the remainder of our lives is one of the best ways we can spend this time.