MKA Greenford Local Iftar: A Celebration of Brotherhood

On the 22nd of March, the Greenford Jam’aat held a local iftar gathering, a heartfelt initiative aimed at strengthening the bonds of brotherhood within the qiadat. This significant event took place in Wembley, at a restaurant known as Taste of Peshawar, chosen for its welcoming atmosphere and capacity to accommodate our group comfortably.

The primary goal of this iftar was to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the Khuddam, particularly emphasizing the inclusion of new members who have joined the Greenford ranks. The event represented a perfect opportunity for these new faces to meet and interact with existing members in an informal, relaxed setting, which helped to create stronger ties within our brotherhood.

With 34 Khuddam in attendance, the iftar went beyond just the breaking of fast; it became a platform for meaningful engagement and connection. After enjoying a meal together, the evening continued with the sharing of chai and desserts. This relaxed post-meal gathering allowed everyone to delve deeper into conversations, share personal stories, and build new friendships in a cozy, communal setting.

The feedback from those who attended was overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the event’s success in making everyone feel welcomed and connected. Insh’Allah, going forward we are going to try and host more of these events to foster even more brotherhood and create stronger ties within our qiadat.