Cemetery Waqar-e-Amal

On Saturday 17th February, members of Majlis Khuddam-Ul-Ahmadiyya and Atfal-Ul-Ahmadiyya Milton Keynes carried out a Waqar-e-Amal at a local cemetery in stoney Stratford Milton Keynes. There are several members of Ahmadi families buried at this cemetery and it was noticed that some of the graves had become eroded due to the cold and harsh weather. By the Grace of Allah, we were able to restore the graves and we also had the opportunity to beautify the other areas within the cemetery by picking up litter and fixing the flower decorations around the grave yard. Both the Khuddam and Atfal that took part worked very hard on the day and we all agreed that this should be something that we do regularly. Insha’Allah we have made plans to do this regularly from now.