AMRA Conference 2021- ‘Honouring our Pledge- Addressing National Challenges Together’

The Amoor-e-Tuluba department and AMRA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association) are excited to present this years theme for the AMRA Conference, ‘Honouring our Pledge: Addressing National Challenges Together’. Returning to an in-person format on Sunday 19th December at the Masroor Hall, Islamabad, by the Grace of God, the conference is the keynote event for all Ahmadi researchers, academics, or those simply of a curious disposition.

The hybrid of religion and science in our theme is inspired by the Pledge itself, which covers not only commitment to Islam and Khilafat but to serving mankind- ‘for the sake of our faith, country and nation’.  The ongoing pandemic and the looming spectre of climate change now exists against a backdrop of a major social and ideological revolution, where the youth of today are looking for a ‘pledge’ to commit to more than ever, tired of governmental bureaucracies and unfulfilled promises. This year’s conference will have four distinguished speakers addressing several ‘national challenges’ based on their own research and experiences, followed by an engaging panel discussion and poster session, where we are looking for more entries. This will be coupled with a ‘floating’ exhibition and lunch in the idyllic greenery of Islamabad.

Due to covid protocols, this year’s conference is limited to 70 attendees- so sign up fast using the link

More to come. We look forward to seeing you there, InshAllah