MKA Dudley Tabligh Stall

As per the instructions of Huzoor (aba) regarding the importance of Tabligh, we were able to arrange Tabligh stall in the month of December 2023. During the Tabligh stall, our khuddams distributed 105 pamphlets and had around 30 conversations with individuals from different believes and background.

In Tabligh stall, we highlighted the question ‘Do you believe in God?’. We had different response from individuals like some said they don’t believe in God due to all that’s happening now in this world pointing towards Israel-Palestine conflict, killing of children in Gaza. Some people linked the existence of God with their happy and sad moments. For example few individuals said they don’t believe in God because their husband/wife just passed away.

In conversation with Muslims from different sects such as Shia/ Sunni, we told them about our Jamat. 

Hopefully, we are constantly trying our best to make our Tabligh stalls more productive and efficient.