Tabligh in the Midst of a Pandemic – Promised Messiah Day

Today, 23 March 2020, at exactly 3 PM GMT, a Twitter trending campaign was launched to mark the Promised Messiah Day. The idea was to get as many Khuddam to post a Tweet about the Promised Messiah (as) and include the hashtag #MessiahHasCome or the words Promised Messiah Day  in order to create a nationwide trend. By the grace of Allah, a massive success was seen as Khuddam eagerly took on the challenge in the middle of the day and started to post tens of thousands of tweets. Other European countries also took part but the majority of activity was from within the UK. Ahmadi Muslims from Pakistan, Nigeria and Canada also participated in this campaign. The campaign went on till around 5:30 PM in the UK but continued in Pakistan after this. The wave of tweets was followed by much interest in the subject with twitter users asking questions and posting comments. A staggering 70,000 tweets were sent for this campaign which includes people responding. This trend reached 5th position in UK, 2nd in Pakistan, 3rd in Nigeria and additionally the campaign reached top 70 trends globally on Twitter. Millions of Twitter users have seen some sort of campaign related posts. This was an excellent display of worldwide unity of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and how this efforts reached people from various corners of the earth as described in a prophecy by the Promised Messiah (as).