Southall Local Atfal Ijtema 2024

On the 20th of January 2024 Southall Jamaat helf thier local Atfal Ijtema. By the grace of Allah there was an amazing attendance of 85% of the cohort. The day started off early at 9am with registration, followed by academics competition involving nazm, speech, tilawat, adhan and extempore speech, all of which had great engagement Mashallah. Next there were a plethora of activities scattered throughout the day, both attempting to engage atfal and teach them about the blessings of The Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and his perfect preaching- the theme of the Ijtema. Some key takeaways of the Ijtema were: learning through memorisation and keeping the brain young by regularly training its faculties.; reflecting upon the content and thereby increasing knowledge.; and instilling  in us practical skills in which we can be useful and productive members for the benefit of all mankind. May Allah the almighty enable us all to benefit from such blessed events.