111 Inspired to Aim High: Winter Retreat 2023

27 December 2023

MKA Ta’limi and Tarbiyyati class, also known as the Winter Retreat 2023/2024, was once again held in the picturesque setting of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK. Almost 200 applicants were vetted and 111 14-16 year olds were selected to attend the week long retreat from 27th December to 2nd January.

The retreat offered a unique opportunity for the attendees to spend a week secluded away from worldly distractions and in a spiritually charged atmosphere where they could come in tune with the real purpose of their existence. This was on opportunity to spend life as a Jamia student for 1 week where the children attended early morning assembly, in a uniform, followed by lessons till the afternoon on topics such as history of Islam and Ahmadiyyat, the Holy Quran and answering allegations. Each evening would conclude with interactive guest lectures covering very relevant topics such as masculinity and Islam and dealing with challenges faced at school by a muslim student. One highlight for the children was the evening mentoring sessions with jamia students before lights out. The attendees sat in small groups with the students and openly and comfortably asked them any questions that were on their minds and no topic was off the table.

The entire schedule for the retreat was busy and packed with activities such as evening sports to burn off energy and interactive sessions encouraging the attendees to achieve high in their academic life. The highlight of the retreat though was the opportunity to pray Fajr behind Huzoor (aba) in Mubarak mosque each morning as well as attending Jumma and the Qadian Jalsa closing session. The retreat came to a successful conclusion on Tuesday 2nd January where the attendees and their parents were addresses by respected Ameer sahib UK.

Historically the retreat has been able to inspire young attendees to shape their future in some positive way and indeed many attendees go on to apply for Jamia. It is hoped that this year’s retreat has also gone some way in having a positive impact on those who attended insh’Allah.