MKA Greenford – Ahmadis at forefront in tackling climate crisis!

Climate change is a crisis looming on each and every individual in this era, affecting even the powerful nations and suppressing the already suppressed nations into a labyrinth, that if not tackled, the world would never step out of it. Considering this alarming threat, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat of the UK is playing an essential role in tackling climate change. The local young boys from Greenford Jamaat on the 11th of November gathered at West End Road in Hayes to plant over 250 trees. From young to adults, everyone played their part. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat takes great pride in involving young boys in these initiatives from an early age so that the love of nature and commitment to serve their neighbours can be instilled.

But one may ask, how can planting trees merely help tackle climate change? If you drive north on a sunny day with your family for a vacation, you will see lots of greenery, trees, open lands, forests etc. You may wonder, how many more trees one may plant to fight climate change? You may also hold the belief that climate change is a hoax but let us not get into this argument for now.

For the comfort of readers, the threat is the rising temperature of the planet Earth and that is due to many factors. Carbon emissions from cars, usage of coal in factories, gasses and many other human factors. A brief snippet of when it all started was when the industrial revolution took over in the late 1700s when products were starting to be handled by machines instead of manual labour. This revolution ended in the mid 1800’s but to a larger degree, it still lives on. More machines, more oil, more emissions and more products. 182 years have passed since the industrial revolution ended and we are seeing its drastic effects on human health and the health of the planet. The prime factor in rising temperatures is the emission of Carbon Dioxide and that is where the role of trees comes in. They are the ultimate tool in locking in carbon emissions from the atmosphere and storing it for centuries. Planting a tree is not just a carbon-locking machine but in Islam, as Ahmadis believe, it is a form of Sadqah (charity).

Islam emphasizes on hygiene a lot more than the prayers and if one is not clean, his/her prayers will not be accepted in the eyes of God. Islam has also put humans as the caretakers of the planet Earth, calling us “Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat” (superior creatures) and Ahmadis consider their religious duty to do cleaning campaigns around New Year, tree plantation throughout the year and contribute to other charities. It is only by taking care of others and Mother Nature, that we can prove to be not just superior but honourable creatures of God.