MKA Greenford Fajr behind Huzoor

On 19th November 2023, a significant event marked the commencement of the new Khuddam year for Greenford Jamaat. Eleven members of our community were graced with the opportunity to participate in the Fajr prayer at the Mubarak Mosque in Islamabad, led by Huzoor. This event not only served as a spiritual gathering but also as a cornerstone in strengthening the faith and unity of our local Khuddam.
Recognizing the unique position of being in the UK, the proximity to Huzoor offers us an unparalleled opportunity to engage in such spiritual gatherings. It is imperative that we, as members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, utilize this proximity to seek blessings and guidance.
As we progress through the year, our focus remains on organizing more events that facilitate such spiritual engagement. The emphasis is on enhancing our collective faith and fostering a sense of unity among the Khuddam through these gatherings. We look forward to increasing participation in similar events, thereby strengthening our communal bonds and deepening our commitment to the principles of Islam Ahmadiyyat.