Baitul Ehsan – First Regional Amila Meeting of 2023/2024

By the Grace of Allah, Baitul Ehsan Region held its first regional Amila Meeting for the new Khuddam Year 2023/2024 on Sunday 19th November in Baitul Ehsan. 

At this meeting, the Regional Qaid Hammad ur Rehman Butt sahib welcomed all the Regional Amila members and the local Qaideen. Additionally, a farewell was given to Shahzad Bashir sahib (now Mohtamim Tajneed MKA UK) for serving the previous year as Regional Qaid of Baitul Ehsan Region. We also had the pleasure to host Mohtamim Tehrik-e-Jadid Jamil Bhatti sahib at our meeting to give further guidance to all Amila members.

The event started with Ishaa Namaz at 8:30pm, followed by Amila Meeting, and concluded with dinner and informal session.