‘Do Muslim Lives Matter?’ – MKA Dudley

Alhamdulillah, as per the instructions and guidance from our beloved Huzoor regarding Tabligh, MKA Dudley were successful in setting up first Tabligh stall at Halesowen town center. Since Huzoor has emphasised a lot on the aspect of Tabligh in recent National Ijtema, it’s our keen duty to do our best.

Keeping in mind the Islamophobia campaign and the situation of the Middle East, we tried to raise awareness by asking the public “Do Muslim Lives Matter?” In response to our question, we had various positive conversations with people, many of whom agreed with us. We also distributed the leaflet on ‘Israel – Palestine Crises’ to inform the public of Huzoor’s guidance. Moreover, our Khuddam participated in great number, and with this courage and motivation we are hopeful that in coming Tabligh activities, this participation will increase Insha’Allah.