Book for the MKA Year: Conditions of Bai’at & Responsibilities of an Ahmadi

Beloved Huzoor Anwar (May Allah be his helper) has graciously selected our book of the year to be ‘Conditions of Bai’at & Responsibilities of an Ahmadi’.

As Ahmadi Muslims we have all done Bai’at and accepted the Messiah of the Age. This book explains what it means to be an Ahmadi Muslim, what it means to do Bai’at and how we should fulfil our pledge.

We encourage everyone to begin reading this as it is full of invaluable guidance.

There will be quizzes and competitions based on this very book so get reading everyone!

Below are the Urdu and English links for the book:

You can also contact your local Jama’at bookshop or your Qaid if you wish to get a hardcopy.

May Allah enable us all to read and reap the benefits of this book, Ameen.

With the instruction of Respected Sadr Sahib, a short test for National Amila and Regional Qaideen was held from the first 14 pages of “Conditions of Bai’at & Responsibilities of an Ahmadi” as selected by Huzoor Anwar (Aba) as our book of the year to lead by example.