MKA Guildford – Prayers for Peace – Weekly Tahajjud (Qiyam Al-Layl) – November 2023

MKA Guildford - Prayers for Peace - Tahajjud (Qiyam AL-LAYL)

Assalam o Aliakium

Subject: Tahajjud

I pray to Allah almighty for your good health.

By the grace of Allah almighty, Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Guildford had the honour of organizing Tahajjud on weekly basis during the month of November 2023.

For this purpose, Mohtamram Qaid Sahib held a meeting with Nazim Tarbiyat and Additional Nazim Tarbiyyat decided to arrange Tahajjud at Woking Salat Centre.

After that, all Amla members and saiqeen were assigned some task e.g. connecting and inviting Khuddam for Tahajjud. All saiqeen sent invitations and multiple reminders to
Khuddam in this regard. A poster was made and shared to encourage Khuddam. Amla members, especially Qaid Sahid Majlis made calls to Khuddam and requested them to
attend the Tahajjud.

04th November 2023 – 8 Khuddam members

11th November 2023 – 3 Khuddam members


May Allah enable us to serve Islam in a better way.

Fasih ud din Ahmad
Motamid Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya