#WellbeingWednesday – A New Epidemic: VAPING

Based on a study in 2023 regarding the short-term health issues caused by vaping, MKA UK has initiated an awareness campaign to remove any misconceptions on this matter and to inform Khuddam on the real short-term dangers found in recent studies, especially based on an article by Vice.

It has become apparent that the trend of vaping can have detrimental effects on the human body, at a rate which is alarmingly quicker than expected (see research paper). 

The surge in vaping popularity has prompted extensive research into its potential health consequences. Recent studies conducted in 2023 have shed light on the detrimental effects of vaping on human health, further emphasizing the urgency of addressing this growing public health concern.
Respiratory Health Risks
Numerous recent studies have emphasized the respiratory health risks associated with vaping. Baglole et al. (2023) conducted a comprehensive examination of the literature, revealing that e-cigarette aerosols contain harmful chemicals and fine particulate matter that can cause lung inflammation, impair lung function, and increase susceptibility to respiratory infections. The study emphasized the need for better understanding of the specific constituents of e-cigarette aerosols and their potential toxicity.
Furthermore, a study by Martin et al. (2023) investigated the impact of e-cigarette flavors on respiratory health. Their findings demonstrated that certain flavors, such as cinnamon and vanilla, can lead to cellular damage in the respiratory system, further corroborating Baglole’s research.
Cardiovascular Complications
Emerging evidence continues to indicate a significant association between vaping and cardiovascular complications. Baglole et al. (2023) highlighted the link between e-cigarette use and endothelial dysfunction, a condition that impairs blood vessels’ ability to dilate and contract effectively. This dysfunction is a key contributor to the development of cardiovascular diseases.
Moreover, a recent study by Smith et al. (2023) found that vaping increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes, particularly among young adults. These findings underscore the importance of recognizing the cardiovascular risks associated with vaping.
Nicotine Addiction and Mental Health Concerns
Nicotine addiction remains a primary concern associated with vaping. Baglole et al. (2023) and other studies have emphasized that e-cigarettes can lead to nicotine dependence, especially among young individuals. The addictive potential of e-cigarettes, as revealed by King et al. (2023), raises concerns about sustained use and subsequent transition to combustible tobacco products.
Furthermore, studies have explored the association between vaping and mental health concerns. Baglole et al. (2023) highlighted the need for further investigation into the potential long-term mental health effects of vaping. Understanding the impact of vaping on mental health, including anxiety and depression symptoms, as reported by Grana et al. (2023), is crucial in assessing the overall risks of e-cigarette use.
Other Health Implications
Recent research has also unveiled other health implications of vaping. A study by Johnson et al. (2023) identified an increased risk of oral health problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, associated with e-cigarette use. Additionally, Baglole et al. (2023) explored the potential link between vaping and adverse effects on reproductive health, such as reduced sperm motility and altered hormone levels. Continued research is needed in these areas to fully comprehend the scope of health risks posed by vaping.
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