MKA Surbiton Ijtema 2022

By the grace of Allah the almighty, Surbiton Khuddam Ijtema was held on Saturday 29th January 2022 at Baitul Hamd Namaz center under strict Covid safety guidelines. This year’s theme of Ijtema is ‘Honouring Our Pledge’.

Planning for the Ijtema started two weeks prior, due to the appointment of a new Qaid. Due to this time constraint, three informal meetings were held to prepare for the Ijtema, to take place physically and virtually for those unable to attend.

The attendance campaign was initiated with the circulation of the syllabus to various khuddam groups via social media, followed by the inclusion of posters. This was reinforced by phone calls and individual invitations to the Ijtema, which included additional details.

The Ijtema started at 1:00PM with registration, and the opening session commenced at 1:30PM thereafter. The opening session was conducted by our special guest, respected muavin sadr Attaur Rahim Ahsan sb, which included tilawat with English translation, recitation of our pledge, lead by respected Attaur Rahim Ahsan sb, and then Nazm.

The academics session followed, with the theme of ‘Honouring Our Pledge’ serving as the focal point of the competition. These included Tilawat, Nazm, Azan and Prepared English speech.

Total attendance was 10 khuddam out of 32 total. For the closing session, we were joined by respected Sadr sb, who offered an address in relation to the meaning of ‘Honouring our Pledge’ and our responsibility to do so with our actions. He further elaborated on questions put forward by Qaideen, which expanded on how we may navigate the challenges faced by us today, by virtue of honouring our pledge to Allah the almighty, the institution of khilafat and the jamaat.

In light of this, we pray and strive to fulfil our pledge in the best manner, to obey Khalifatul Masih and serve the jamaat to the best of our ability. May Allah enable us to fulfil our duties in this endeavour, and embody our pledge through our actions, Ameen.  


Ali Khalid

Serving as Qaid Majlis