Tabligh in Scotland

A very active year for Tabligh in Scotland. We started with leaflet distribution for the peace dinner in which Nicola Sturgeon attended and Khuddam/Atfal took active part in inviting members. Over 200 guests out of which some were invited by Khuddam attended the event in Glasgow.

From January till First week of July the preparation for Waqf e arzi began. Letter was written to huzur for the success of the event. In January/Feburary Member of parliament for Kirkcaldy and cowdenbeth and provost of Fife council were approached and visited.

They were informed about the event in Kirkcaldy and requested guidance.

We were given information on various places where the event could be held. We decided to do the event in Old Kirk in Kirkcaldy which had been a church from 800 years ago.

We then approached various faith leaders, councilors, community leaders etc and informed them about the event.

The event started from 1st of July with an Eid dinner which was attended by local public and councilors.

Week starting from 3rd of July khuddam and atfal started distributing leaflets in the town. Our aim was to reach all the households of Kirkcaldy and alhamdulilah we manage to distribute over 12,000 leaflets. The population is between 40,000 and 50,000 so we hope and pray that our message has reached to all of them.

In addition to this many hundreds of books and other leaflets were handed out.

We visited a care home and carried out a beautification project at the Kirkcaldy train station. Members of the Cycling club cycled from Glasgow to Kirkcaldy (61.5 miles) raising funds for charities.

The event ended with a peace conference where various MP for Kirkcaldy, Provost, Deputy superintendent for Fife, various faith leaders and Usman Ahmed sb (Director for outreach for AMYA) spoke on the topic of “Is Religion Cause of Unity or Division?”

Food was served after the event and feedback from all the participants was very good. Over 50+ guests attended the event.