MKA Liverpool South and North Beach BBQ & Sports

On Sunday 4th June 2023, MKA Liverpool south and north arranged BBQ and Sports day at a beach in Wirral. This was a very fun event and all Khuddam & Atfal enjoyed very much. By the grace of Allah this was a very successful event and trip.
BBQ Program Details:
– Khuddam & Atfal started arriving at the beach in the Wirral around 12pm 
– Around 20 Khuddam and 4 Atfal participated 
– Khuddam & Atfal played different games like football, cricket and frisbee
– Murabbi sb lead the Zuhur & Maghrib prayer
– After the namaz, we had a BBQ (chicken tikka & Kebabs)
– Waqar-e-amal conducted to keep the area clean
– The day was concluded at 5pm