MKA National Food Donation Drive

MKA UK launches the National Food Donation Drive during this blessed month of Ramadhan.

We are pledging as a Majlis to donate TEN tonnes of food to foodbanks across the UK. Some of the foodbanks that will be supported within this campaign include Humanity First’s foodbanks located in Walsall and Mirfield.


What can I donate that is most needed?

Some of the type of items most critically needed are: Cereal (any kind), Long dated Milk, Jam/Spreads, Baked Beans, Tea/Coffee, Sugar (ideally 1kg bags), Tinned Food (tuna, tinned meat, tinned vegetables), Tinned Soups, Pasta, Rice, Plain Flour, Biscuits, Long dated Juices, and Toileteries.

Have a look to see Humanity First’s guide on Foodbank donations:



Where will my donations go?

Most regions have been tasked to provide their foodbank donations to local worthy causes. If you belong to the following regions, then your donations will be collected in aid of Humanity First’s foodbanks: Baitul Futuh, East Midlands Region, Fazl Mosque, Mahmood Region, North East Region, West Midlands Region and Yorkshire Region  


Who can I contact for further information?

Please speak to your local/regional Khidmat-e-Khalq nazim, or your local/regional Qaid.

For any further queries, you can contact Dr Sejil Karim sahib on [email protected]