Fazl Mosque New Years Street Cleaning

By the grace of Allah, Fazl Mosque Region held its annual street cleaning waqare-amal event on New years. Overall 62 Khuddam participated in this event and 10 Atfal over the age of 12. Alhamdullilah we had the honour of having National Ameer Sb join us for the event and he led us in silent prayer to begin this event.

The day started with Tahajjud Prayer in congregation at 5:30 am and then followed by Fajr prayer at 6:45. Khuddam from the region were encouraged to attend these prayers. The Six Qiadats were then divided into 3 groups who were spread out across local roads such as Gressenhall road, Wimbledon park road and other neighboring roads. One group was also given the task of cleaning Fazl Mosque. A lot of litter was picked up by the groups in this attempt to clean the streets. This finished at around 9:10 am, This was followed by Breakfast of Chanaa and Egg.

May Allah bless all the Khuddam that were involved in the success of the event and allow us to carry out even more events in the future. Ameen