Civil Service Internships available now!

The Civil Service is offering a unique opportunity for students from certain backgrounds to apply for an internship within the Civil Service (application deadline 8 March 2021).  So if you are in your final or penultimate year of university and looking for a great internship opportunity and a chance to explore an interesting career, why not consider this opportunity?

The Civil Service is a highly respectable career and one that beloved Huzoor Aqdas (aba) has encouraged students (particularly Waqfe Nau) to look into. So if you would like to know more about the Civil Service why not speak to one of our team members which includes an experienced Civil Servant who is happy to speak to you about the Civil Service or can help give guidance with an application for this internship. If you are interested and would like to speak to us then contact us at [email protected] or fill out our enquiry form with your details.

And for more information about this internship or to learn more about the Civil Service please click on the links below: