MKA Guildford – General Meeting October 2023

MKA Guildford – General Meeting October 2023


Assalam o Aliakium


By the grace of Allah, MKA Guildford qaidat conducted their general meeting on 15th October, 2023. Regional Qaid Sb (Mirza Mahmood Ahmed) also graced us with his presence. 


The general meeting commenced with Talawat. Followed by Khuddam Pledge, Hadith and Excerpts from the writing of the Promised Messiah (AS). In addition, some important announcements were made and conclude the session with the silent prayer. 


Alhamdolillah, 38 khuddam and atfal were in attendance. JazakAllah to all khuddam members who made every effort to attend the general meeting.


Walikum Assalam

Team MKA Guildford