MKA Tooting Bec Qaidat Khuddam General Meeting

By the grace of Allah the Almighty, MKA Tooting Bec Qaidat held it’s first in person General Khuddam meeting since the start of the coronavirus pandemic at Bilal Centre, Tooting on Sunday 26th June 2022. The meeting was led by Qaid Majlis Tooting Bec Usman Ahmad Sahib. The meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Nadeem Ahmad Sahib which was followed by English Translation by Masroor Syed sahib. Then the MKA Pledge Took place which was led by Usman Ahmad Sahib Local Qaid.

After the pledge Qaid sahib began an interactive discussion with the Khuddam about Huzoor (aba) latest Friday Sermon which was followed by an episode of this week with Huzoor (aba) which showcased some of the Important things that Huzoor (aba) done in the week including key Mulqaats. After this Qaid sahib discussed recent local, regional and national khuddam events that occurred and talked about the upcoming Regional duties for Jalsa Salana UK in August and mentioned about the National Ijtema in September aswell as other local and regional activities.



Jazak’Allah to Usman Ahmad sahib Qaid Tooting Bec for planning and leading the local khuddam general meeting and to Muhammad Aqeel Nasir Sahib, Faheem Ahmad Sahib, Nadeem Ahmad Sahib, Falah Uddin Sahib, Masroor Syed Sahib for attending the meeting.