Food packing for the homeless (The Felix Project – Baitul Ehsan Region)

Khuddam from Baitul Ehsan region took part in volunteering at a charity for the homeless on Saturday, 23rd April by organising and stocking up on food donated.

The Felix Project is a London-based food redistribution charity, set up in 2016 to tackle food waste and hunger. According to their website, “1.5 million adults in London struggle to afford to eat every day, 400,000 children are at risk of missing the next meal. Meanwhile, our food industry generates 3 million tonnes of good, edible surplus food each year.

The Khuddam brothers included Regional Qaid Jamil Bhatti, Haseeb Yaqub and Oisin Jadran. They took on various different tasks including organising different types of food and stacking up large food donation boxes which were donated by members of the public.

Alhamdullilah it was a blessed experience for the Khuddam and a real insight into the kind of work which goes on behind the scenes at food banks where your donated food arrives.