An Open Letter to our Heroes

Dear Key Worker,

There is a very famous verse in the Holy Quran:

“Whoso saved a life it shall be as if he has saved the life of all of mankind”.

(The Holy Quran, Chapter 5: Verse 33) 

All over the country, YOU, our courageous NHS staff, our dedicated police force, our brave firefighters, our hardworking teachers, our brilliant scientists and our selfless volunteers are saving lives every single day. We want to truly say thank you from the depths of our hearts! Our most sincere prayers are with you.

One of the amazing examples we have is of the two nurses, Jenny and Luis, who saved the life of our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Thank you Jenny and Luis!

But it is not only our nurses that are displaying acts of heroism.

Thank you to our London Metropolitan Police Force who are patrolling streets and making sure everyone is at home to save lives.

Thank you to our Teachers, who are also going to work to cater for children of key-workers and sending their own children to school.

Thank you to our Fire-fighters and members of the army that have been deployed to various roles to help in these uncertain times to save lives.

Thank you to our skilled scientists who are tirelessly working in their labs to discover a breakthrough vaccine for this silent killer so that we can save lives.

Thank you to the ordinary, yet extraordinary volunteers, who have taken it into their own hands to help local vulnerable families and other responsibilities.

Thank you to all of you who are saving Mankind! You are in our deepest prayers. You are “Our Heroes”.

Unfortunately, despite all these heroic efforts, the global catastrophe has claimed precious lives.

Areema Nasreen, 36, was an NHS nurse who passed away in the hospital where she worked for sixteen years. Her relatives said that she was devoted to her job as a nurse as she absolutely loved it. Bassodeo Rambojun, 85, a former Royal Mail worker who was honoured by the Queen for his twenty-five years of service. A father of three girls and grandfather to six children.

Dr Sebastianpillai, a consultant geriatrician at Kingston Hospital, came out of retirement to help the hospital tackle coronavirus. He passed away two weeks after he completed his last shift.  

These are only a few from the thousands who were taken from us too early by the virus. We pray that may God grant them a lofty status in Paradise and give their family and loved ones the strength and patience to bear this unfortunate loss. Their names will forever live in history!

We, at AMYA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association) are at the forefront in appreciating everything “Our Heroes” have done for our country. We are supporting you in the most honourable way. When we wake in the middle of the night for prayers, we remember you. When we feed, clothe, teach and play with our children we remember you. When we stay indoors and do our chores and work from home, we remember you. Your sacrifice means so much more to us. It is the essence of our faith.

“Love for one’s nation is part of faith”

(Holy Prophet Muhammad – peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

Our spiritual leader, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, advised us in his Friday Sermon on the 10th April 2020, for the need of prayers:

“One should remember that prayer is the most powerful of means. One ought to pray with the belief and conviction that God listens to prayers. Pray for yourself, your family, the community and the whole of humanity”.

Hence we are initiating the #PRAYFORHEROES campaign.