Guidance for Parents

This webpage contains some valuable content pertaining to guidance on the proper upbringing of Children as per Islamic teachings, dealing with the societal ills as well as other relevant material to educate your children on Islamic Teachings.


Guidance from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aa) regarding Upbringing of Children and Guarding against Ills of Society

In an age of immorality, uphold true beliefs and protect your children

Sexualising children will destroy their innocence

Respond to Social & Moral Practices in the West

Children: Upbringing

Challenges Faced by Children in Schools and their Solutions

Parenting – Raising Models of Righteousness in Teenagers – Real Talk Ladies

Guiding Your Children Towards Righteousness is Your Duty and Right

Parenting – Raising Models of Righteousness in Children – Real Talk Ladies

Protect Your Taqwa and the Taqwa of Your Children

Real Talk: Youth and free mixing of gender, what are the boundaries in todays mixed society?


Social Media


Way of the Seekers

Points to Ponder

Paradise Under Your Feet

Articles & Magazines

Unique Relationship of a Father and Son

Ahmadi Muslim Youth and Preserving Islamic Values