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The Blessed Month of Ramadan

⚡ Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Soul 🙏

Ramadan is a month of opportunity, but how can we make the most of this blessed month? Here you will find a wealth of content, videos, books, audiobooks and apps to maximise the benefits, as well as our special series that brings together practical advice and guidance you can use to better yourself this Ramadan, with 4 episodes available.

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Fasting and Becoming Closer to God 🤲

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Friday Sermon: 3rd June 2016 (Urdu)

This Week With Huzoor – 25 March 2022

This Week With Huzoor – 18 March 2022

Islamic jurisprudence – Episode 9 – The Concept Of Fasting During Ramadhan

Dive into the Holy Qur’an 🤲

Books of the Promised Messiah (as) 📚

Continue these Good Habits Beyond Ramadan 📅

The Ramadan Experience

We’ll be posting regularly throughout this blessed month. Ramadan teaches us the power of delayed gratification and self control. This powerful mindset can make you a winner in life! Find out more about the Ramadan experience.