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Tree Planting Session

Epsom, UK December 17, 2016 8:00 to December 17, 2016 17:30

On 17th December 2016, AMYA joined forces with the Woodland’s Trust to improve the countries environment and plant 10,000 trees at Langley Vale Wood in Epsom. More than 250 members of the community were present and planted a mixture of oaks, birch & hazel trees.

Preparation and planning for the event started weeks before and the successful outcome was evident by the number of people attending and enjoying the day. While Woodland’s Trust’s main responsibility was transportation of volunteers to the planting area and managing the tree planting itself, Tahir Region were tasked to cater for 400+ people by providing refreshments, food, tea and coffee throughout the day.

The day started at 9:30am by setting up the tea stall and briefing volunteers about the event. By 10:30am Khuddam and Atfal brothers from Bait-Ul-Futuh, Baitun Noor, Bashir, Muqami, Masroor, Islamabad and South Region had also joined. After silent prayer members headed towards the planting area and started digging. Luckily the soil was soft, making it easy especially for the young Atfal to dig deep holes.

Conservative MP for Epsom & Ewell and Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling along with his wife also attend the session at around 12pm. A brief introduction by Regional Qaid sb Tahir Region was given to him about AMYA’s involvement in humanitarian efforts and later also helped planting.

The site covers an astonishing 640 acres of rolling hills and grassy fields, which during the First World War used by the British military.

England’s Centenary Wood aims to plant more than 200,000 trees and wildflowers as part of a £12m Woodland’s Trust project. Over the coming years, the area will be transformed into a peaceful place with natural habitats in which the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will play a central role.

The project is part of AMYA’s national tree planting initiative that it is run in collaboration with environmental charities including the Woodland’s Trust and Trees for Cities to name a few. So far thousands of trees across the country have been planted by Khuddam and Atfal, with many more yet to be planted.

As Muslims, safeguarding & improving our planet is a crucial element of the Islamic faith. This ambition is also shared by people of other faiths which by the grace of Allah attracted people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The event served in building bridges with the local community and promotes developing good relations. AMYA’s positive involvement towards caring for their society will by the grace of Allah have a long lasting effect to the local environment and residents.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw), who during his lifetime continuously strived to be a mercy for mankind, heavily encouraged about protecting the environment we live in. It is this noble example which inspired youngsters as well as elders to support and take part in this great initiative led by AMYA.

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