Essay Writing Competition

The topic of this year’s essay is…


“The power of Durood Shareef ”  or
“جان و دلم فدائے جمال محمد است          خاکم نثار کوچہ ال محمد است”
(‘My life and my heart, everything is but a sacrifice for the beauty of my beloved Muhammad(saw)’; I am as if the dust the alley of Muhammad(sa)’)


The essay should be 800-1000 words.
The essay should be typed up and submitted elec-tronically to [email protected].
The final submission deadline is: 10th July, 2021
The front page should include the topic, name of the participant, his qiadat, his region and his con-tact details.
The marking will be based on the following criteria:
     1. Clear focus on the main theme throughout
     2. Sound supporting arguments and examples
     3. Well organised & well structured ideas
     4. Correct and effective use of language
     5. Proper referencing